Below are a few of our patients' comments:

"My front crowns look so natural; I really didn't expect them to look this good! -L.W., 41 yrs. old

 "I didn't feel the shot, since you applied the numbing gel first, when I got my fillings.  The best part is, I can't even see my fillings since they match the color of my teeth perfectly!  Thank you Dr. Sidhu!" -M.S., 15 yrs. old

"I am very happy with my dentures, and will refer my friends to you.  They do make me look younger, and I am not sore since they fit well, so I don't need any adjustments." -W.M., 45 yrs. old

"My front crowns look so natural; I really didn't expect them to look this good! -L.W., 41 yrs. old

"My dog ate my dentures, but I'm back at your office again for my second set, Dr. Sidhu!  Thanks for the payment plan!" -W.W., 52 yrs. old

"Thank you for offering the bleaching kit at such an affordable price, and for letting me split the cost into two payments." -M.P., 30 yrs. old

"I have been a patient for three years and I absolutley love the staff and environment. Tina and Jenn have always been very nice and helpful. Anything I've needed or my kids have, they have made sure we've gotten it. I have referred four people to them and they love this office as well! I will not take my kids, or myself to another dental office!" - R.S.

"The staff is always very pleasant and helpful. The wait time is exceptional and the care of my teeth. I would recommend this practice to any and everyone. Job always well done!!" - S.G.

"Awesome staff, conveinient travel time." - R.Y

"The staff at this office is very helpful and pleasant. They always make you feel welcome. The staff and doctors are very professional and helpful. They are very quick and efficient." - D.B.

"Mrs. Jenn was wonderful today. She made me feel 3x better about my visit. She talked to me and made my daughter feel so comfortable. I love this dentist office and would highly recommend this office to anyone that asks. Thanks Mrs. Jenn." - Michele

"The staff here is wonderful. Dr. I was amazing. I have been afraid of going to the dentist. I had several root tops extracted on my visit. I was so numb, I didn't even know he was finished. I was able to go to work the next day. Thank you so much Family Dentistry." - T.K.